Farmhouse Spec Home Kit


Are you looking for interior design help but can’t afford the professional fees? 

Are you building a house?  Did you just move?  

The Spec Home Kits are custom specifications for you to design the home of your dreams without paying custom design fees.  Each kit contains three complete home designs with everything specified you’ll need to design the home in the style you love!

As an interior designer, one of the biggest challenges I’ve seen from my clients is the ability to make choices and put everything together they like  to create a beautiful, functional, and cohesive home.  Since not everyone can afford the services of an interior designer, I decided to come up with a product that would solve this problem so anyone can have a professionally designed home in the style that they love.  I’m pleased to introduce The Spec Home Kits to you.  Did you know that during the first half of the Twentieth Century, a lot of homes that were built were purchased in kits that people could assemble?  The inspiration for the Spec Home Kits came from these mail order homes, but instead of offering complete kits to build a home, however, they will contain all the information needed to create the home of your dreams according to what style you like.  For example, if you’ve always loved the Scandinavian look, the Creating Home Scandinavian kit will have all the specifications you need to design that look.  If you love the farmhouse look, the Creating Home Farmhouse kit is what you want.  The kits will have specifications for paint, plumbing, appliances, tile, carpet, hardware, lighting, and so forth.  It will be a complete kit with all the information you need with three different price points of everything so you can select the items that work within your budget!

What’s included in the Spec Home Kit? 

You’ll receive in the mail a beautiful grey linen binder filled with 215 pages of everything you’ll need to design the home in the style that you love. This includes THREE complete home designs in low, medium, and high price points.  Please note that everything I specify is good quality, so “low” does not necessarily mean cheap.

This is an incredible price considering the average person spends anywhere between $5,000-$20,000 for interior design services to design the home of their dreams!

This kit includes specifications for:

  • Millwork

Once you order your Spec Home Kit, you’ll also have the option of upgrading if you want additional interior design help (the equivalent of ten hours of design time).   This can include space planning, renderings, or modifications of the current specifications.

Please note, because of the unique nature of this product, all sales are final and there are no returns.

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